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RIB880BFiberglass boat/Inflatable boat / fishing boat / rubber boat / lifeboat / fiberglass speedboat

Technical configuration sheet       

First、Product parameters





Foreign minister


Outer width


Inner width


Balloon diameter


Number of chambers


Boat material

PVC or Hypalon

Number of members

15-17 people

Seesaw height


Recommended power

115 dual or 150P single


Second, the basic configuration

1, FRP hull (including basic configuration armor)

2, 300LSet of aluminum alloy fuel tank(Including oil filling port, exhaust port, liquid level sensor, oil level gauge and other accessories and piping)

3,  Set of TMC2000 sewage pump and automatic float switch

4,  Set of FRP battery boxes

5,  FRP anchor set

6, FRP with a front seat set of two large bridge

(including SUS316 stainless steel handrail, acrylic windshield, door panel, six-way switch and other accessories)

7, FRP double box chair set (including SUS316 handrails and other accessories)

8, two pillow supports (SUS316)

9、Set of three-section folding ladder (SUS316)Single machine, dual machine does not match

10、Set of stainless steel flaps(including matching lamp system)

11、Full set of cushions

(Includes 2 front seat cushions and cushions, 2 box cushions, 2 rear seat cushions, 2 rear cushions, and 5 front cushions)

12、Pedal air pump1个

13、1 set of repair tools


Third, optional configuration

1、Live fish tank

2、Bottom shell keel plus stainless steel protection

3、Float armor wear protection

4、Optional FRP wing frame (including matching lamp system)

5、Maintenance free battery


7、Electric air pump

8、Yacht trailer 

Note: There is enough space on the deck. If it needs to be modified, the cost will be calculated separately.


Fourth, the hull and decorative colors


Float: light gray         Float: white        Float: black

Decoration: dark gray         Decoration: dark gray       Decoration: dark gray  


Custom colors are available on special orders. Ask for quotes and availability

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