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          The military boat series all use French ORCA® Hypalon material as a high-performance raw material for military boats. 

       This fabric has the ability to resist a variety of harsh environments, with high UV resistance, high wear resistance, chemical resistance, extreme temperature resistance, etc. They are designed for use on water and long-term exposure to sunlight, sea and weathering climate. The vessel under conditions provides optimum UV and aging resistance, and its life and strength are 4-5 times that of PVC, so we use it on military inflatable boats. The ORCA series is available in over 30 different colours and 4 surface treatments. 


          The high-end brand XG-STAR series of hull materials are all imported German VALMEX® fabric. 

       With over 60 years of experience in the production of coated textiles, Mehler is the market leader in the development and production of PVC coated fabrics. VALMEX® fabric is a high quality PVC coated special fabric with excellent air tightness, excellent UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance, salt and alkali resistance, strong abrasion resistance, aging resistance and excellent quality. Anti-mildew and antibacterial properties, good color fastness, three times the life of ordinary PVC, is the ideal material for rubber boats, RIB, lifeboats, banana boats, drifting boats.  


          The CANDO series of hull materials are made of imported Korean high tenacity polyester fiber base fabric. 

       The double-sided PVC coating is airtight and the 1100D fiber material motorboat special anti-wear and durable, resistant to salt and alkali and sunlight, high-strength anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, etc., showing excellent quality in harsh outdoor environment. The airtightness of imported fabrics is 20% higher than that of ordinary domestic materials, and the durability is increased by 30%. The service life of the assault boat has been fully improved.     


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